Martyrologium romanum. by Catholic Church; Catholic Church. Pope ( : Gregory XIII); Catholic Church. Pope ( Urban VIII); Catholic. The Complete Roman Martyrology for Daily Reflection. Complete Roman Martyrology in English. (Martyrologium Romanum). The Complete Martyrology in . Martyrologium Romanum (Latin Edition) [Catholic Church, Catholic Church. Pope ( Grego, Catholic Church. Pope ( Urban] on.

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Sabbas, 5 December, removed. Silverius, 20 June, removed. Shall the poor, the afflicted, the despised of the World, bear away the palm of victory, the crown of immortality, while I lie buried in my sloth and dead in my sins, and thus lose the brilliant and glorious mansion already prepared for me in heaven? William, 25 June, removed. It will prove highly edifying and useful, not only to the members of our numerous religious Communities of both sexes, but also to the laity generally.

Theodore, 9 November, removed. Francis Borgia, 10 October, removed. They were the living temples of the Holy Ghost, in whose mortal bodies dwelt all the riches of His wisdom and grace. Forty Martyrs, 10 March, added in the 12th century, removed.

August Holy Machabees, 1 August, removed.

Anastasia, 25 December, removed. Pantaleon, 27 July, removed. Prior to the Second Vatican Counciland amongst Extraordinary Form authorised by the Summorum Pontificum to use the liturgical books, the Martyrology was read at that canonical Hour of Prime.

Martyrologium Romanum – Introductory Page

Martina, virginwho endured various kinds of torments, and being beheaded, received the palm of martyrdom. Views Read Edit View history. Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop Baltimore, Maryland Romahum day has here its record of Sanctity; and there is scarcely a Christian, no matter how lowly or how much occupied, who may not be able to daily peruse, with faith and with great profit, the brief page of each day’s models of Holiness. Catherine, 25 November, removed.


In Tuscany, on Mount Senario blessed Bonfilius, confessorone of the seven founders of the Order of the Servites of the blessed Virgin Mary, who, herself, suddenly called her devout servant to heaven.

Martyrologium romanum

The reading of the Martyrology is always terminated in this manner. Euphrosyna, virginwho was renowned in her monastery for the virtue of abstinence, and the gift of miracles. Donatus, 7 August, removed. Protus and Hyacinth, 11 September, removed.

Chrysanthus and Daria, 25 October, removed. Raymond Nonnatus, 31 August, removed. For greater detail of their lives, the martyrologiim now available on the Internet are extensive and we encourage you to explore them.

The immortality into which they have entered still lingers in their bones, and seems to breathe in their mortal remains. Christopher, 25 July, removed. Margyrologium is martyrologiym Spouse of Christ, without spot or wrinkle or blemish, wholly glorious and undefiled, whom He loved, for whom He died, and to whom He promised the Spirit of Truth, to comfort her in her dreary pilgrimage through this valley of tears, and to abide with her forever.

Chrysogonus, 24 November, removed. Hilarion; Ursula and Companions, 21 October, removed. They were in life consecrated human exemplars of divine excellence and perfection. Its use is obligatory martyrologiumm matters regarding the Roman Rite liturgybut dioceses, countries and religious institutes may add to it duly approved appendices.

Zephyrinus, 26 August, removed. Almachius martyrologiuk, martyr, who, by the command of Alipius, governor of the city, was killed by the gladiators for saying, “Today is the Octave of our Lord’s birth; put an end to theworship of idols, and abstain from unclean sacrifices. December Viviana, 2 December, removed. Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice, 29 July, removed.


Name of Mary, 12 September, duplicates Birth of Mary, removed. Venantius, 18 May, removed. John of Matha, 8 February, added inremoved.

Eustace and Companions, 20 September, removed. A second edition was published in the same year.

Gorgonius, 9 September, removed. In the reproduction, in any format of any image, graphic, text, or audio file, attribution must be given to the Boston Catholic Journal. Thomas of Villanova; Maurice and Companions, 22 September, removed. The Sacred Synod has therefore decreed: A prayer, for which texts are given in the Martyrology, is recited, followed by a blessing and dismissal. Mennas, 11 November, removed. Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, 15 June, removed. In order to execute this decision of the Ecumenical Council, the names of some saints have been removed from the universal Calendar, and the faculty has been given of re-establishing in regions concerned, if it is desired, the commemorations and cult of other saints.

Nicholas of Tolentino, 10 September, removed. Thus, as representatives of their countries, those who have won renown by the shedding of their blood for Christ or by their outstanding virtues enjoy the same dignity in this same catalogue.

If the Martyrology is read outside of the Liturgy of the Hours, as for instance in the refectorythe reading begins with the mention of the date, followed, optionally, by mention of the phase of the moon. Peter Celestine; Pudentiana, 19 May, removed.