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1 Jan Buy ASTM D TEST METHOD FOR COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AND ELASTIC MODULI OF INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. 5 Aug UNCONFINED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH of INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. ASTM D Method C SOP S CLIENT: CLIENT. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic if the difference in elastic moduli in two orthogonal directions is greater than

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Deformation properties and rock cores resistance measured in the laboratory usually not accurately reflect the properties in situ, since the latter is strongly influenced by the joints, faults, heterogeneity, and other awtm planes.

Laboratory Tests on Rock – List of Tests – Tonon USA

Kind code of ref document: Measurements of load displacement are made by a penetrator. To perform the test properly, you must develop a model jaw to allow the compressive force applied on the sample uniformly. A device for determining the resistance to unconfined compressive rock samples or other materials disc shaped and subjected to diametral load according to claim 1 asfm the shape of the clamping flange 27 is configured according to geometry of the compression rollers preferably a hollow cylindrical shape.

The document WO proposes an improved determines more accurately pore pressure of sedimentary rock penetrated by a borehole from the surface art.

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The document USpropone a method and equipment for degradation of the strength of the rock in the bottom of the hole due to application of pressure of drilling fluid, the effects of fluid is estimated by recording wave velocity ultrasound samples.

The Brazilian disc test for rock mechanics applications: The proposal is primarily based on non-destructive theoretical methods that need data during the advance poll. As constants are established: Request for preliminary examination filed after expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed from In the prior art they have proposed various methods and equipment for the mechanical characteristics of rock materials.

The present invention is applicable within the field of geotechnical and more specifically in the analysis of samples of rock materials for exploration geomechanical characterization also can expand its application to the field of strength of materials.

Including unconfined and confined rock strength and porosity. Resistance unconfined compression, mechanical parameter obtained from the application of compressive loads to a d7021 with specifications of certain geometry, this is subjected to a field of net compressive and an environment without confinement, until it reaches its point of failure or rupture, at which time it is said that the maximum compressive strength was obtained.

ASTM D4555:10

The method of the present invention ensures a complete fault sample compression. However, this remains a theoretical proposal based on non-destructive methods that need data during the advance poll. The invention EP document is directed to the use of systems and methods that determine the geological properties using acoustic analysis. D – D Also, the document WO teaches a method for the selection of drilling parameters for drilling a well through subsurface rock formations.


With shear ratio you can observe a variation of the distribution but generally remains in very small quantities, and along the vertical axis of the disc are close to zero. Therefore have developed intense theoretical and experimental work that advance in determining the internal state of stress during the test disk, under the assumption of different types of load distribution.

A device for determining the resistance to unconfined compressive rock samples or asttm materials disc shaped and subjected to diametral load, consisting of a compression system rollers 1 1a load frame 12a strain gage 13 placed in a fixed area 14 assembly and a sample of material shaped disc 19 fastened by means of brackets attached to the rollers 1 1 of the compression system. Porosity and permeability evolution. To achieve the above objectives proposed, jaw model adtm and a method to characterize the specimens of materials through the application of unconfined compression disc-shaped samples and subjected to loads distributed diametrically developed.

Efforts tension become more evident towards the center of the circle, while compression occurs at the ends. Gag fins 25 astmm a curved surface of radius r, corresponding to the radius of the test disc. A device for determining the resistance to unconfined compressive rock samples or other materials disc shaped and subjected to diametral load according to claim 1 wherein the fins gag flaps 25 form an angle 24 with the support block, which should preferably be tangential to the test specimen 19 to ensure a uniform compression.

Furthermore, the lower base of the fins 25 in contact with the support block 26 a rounded finish 29 to ensure adequate mechanical working of the steel at this point is shown to not suffer excessive compression that can damage to the workpiece 6 shows a top isometric view of the jaw The invention may be practiced in real time by using measurement techniques while wstm or after drilling by using the recorded data or measurement data polling openhole.

This is a theoretical proposal that also needs the data from the pressures of muds and other drilling data during the advance poll.

The test procedure of unconfined compression applying diametral load shown in Figure 3, involves analyzing and processing assembly 18 determined to control deformation load frame and the jaws confinement, for it it is used to using the compression system rollers 1 1 similar to that used in axtm test axial load. This is one of the d012 tests in rock mechanics and which are generated in the specimen large stress fields that induce failure of the sample voltage. I device characterized in that: The document CA teaches atsm method for estimating the compressive strength confined rock the working depth which must be penetrated by a drill bit and a drilling fluid, but requires initially know the parameter unconfined rock strength, and then theoretically it is giving based on the change in pore volume due to applied loads by the fluid in the drilling solution.


Practicality depoder know the state of stress within the disc under load lies among many other cases reach determine parameters of material d70112. Therefore, the developed jaws comprise the following characteristics: Generate unconfined compression samples using the diametral load distributed application using the jaws designed.

EP Kind code of ref document: To further specify the present invention, are presented below defining some related concepts:.

The patent US presents a method for calculating the total stress overload, the vertical effective stress, pore pressure and the horizontal effective stress through log data during drilling. The proposed method measures the force and displacement that occur when testing asmt rock sample, the relationship between the two force-displacement records can provide estimates of the value of compressive strength of the material. The other configuration parameter is the effective height h of the part Gag fins have a bevel 28 at their tips, which is molded with the workpiece in order to avoid deformations in the same clamp.

Shear banding in drained and undrained triaxial tests on a saturated sandstone: It can be seen that the flange 27 is located on the same axis of the clamp fins 25which allows direct force transfer system cylinder compression, the test piece. This is a theoretical proposal that also needs the data from the pressures of muds and other drilling data during the advance poll The invention EP document is directed to the use of systems and methods that determine the geological d0712 using acoustic analysis.

It sstm ensure a fine surface on the peripheral surface of the disc, and should lubricate the contact region confining the jaws. The equipment of this invention is quite complex and is designed to work primarily astk samples Prismatic type cubes.

The characterization method comprises the following adtm If you need to be able to add standards to the monitoring service, you must register as a user with your own username and password. The configuration of the compression clamp 20 also comprises an effective part height asrm 23an angle of the fin 24 to reduce stresses within the specimen or sample disc type 19 and a strain gauge 21 which allows to obtain readings deformation of the fin by the voltage measured on a Wheatstone bridge.

The figure shows a section of the test disc 19 of radius r, which is under compression gag containment 20 is seen. The strain gage 13 can read the frameshift during the test axial compression, this reading of ashm is related to the constant load ring and thus can determine the load on the sample and taking into account the area charged is determined by the applied stress.